RMA Cadet Rank & Uniforms

Riverside Military Academy cadets will be allowed to wear only the uniforms and other clothing items that have received approval from the Commandant. Riverside cadets are required to be well-groomed and dressed in proper attire at all times. Accordingly, cadets will wear the designated uniform when departing from or returning to the RMA campus.

Cadet Uniforms and Items Supplied by RMA

View the Cadet Uniforms & Other Items list to see items supplied to cadets by RMA. All returning cadets have received a one-time issue of all items on the list and must replace any items that become missing or unserviceable during their attendance at Riverside. Items in need of replacement will be charged to the cadet's account through the Cadet Store.
Riverside Military Academy Cadet Rank Structure

The RMA Corps of Cadets utilizes a variety of uniforms. At times, one uniform option may be substituted for another which may be more suitable for that occasion. The battalion commander for the Corps, in consultation with the Commandant's Office, announces the uniform of the day.

RMA Uniforms

  • Parade Dress - worn mostly for parades and special occasions.
  • Class A - routinely worn for special occasions.
  • Class B - routinely worn for special occasions.
  • Class C - routinely worn each day for school and duty functions.
  • Class D - worn during leaves, special events, and activities as directed.
  • Army Combat Uniform (ACU) - worn to classes and special events as directed.
  • Athletic - worn for athletic activities and other events as directed.
  • Commencement/Silver Taps - special combination of uniform items, generally pertains to the graduating senior class.

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