Riverside Military Academy Camps

Riverside Military Academy's athletic department provides pre-season team camps to help athletes begin conditioning for their upcoming practices and competitions. Athletes stay overnight at the RMA campus to facilitate evening practices and team-centered activities.

Riverside offers Junior & Senior Leadership Camps to develop leadership skills and assist in the preparation of cadets for possible promotions and additional responsibility within the RMA Corps of Cadets each school year. Senior Leadership Camp is designed for returning 10th-12th graders from the previous school year. Junior Leadership camp is designed for returning 8th-9th graders from the previous school year.

The Academy also offers a summer camp for our JROTC Raider Team. Members of the Raider Team must display teamwork, physical fitness, and discipline. Members compete together as a team and finish all events as a team in everything from the One Rope Bridge to the Obstacle Course to 1+ mile runs. Our 2014, 2015, and 2016 Raider Teams became National Champions.

These camps are only open to cadets who are enrolled for the upcoming academic term.

RMA Camp Registration

  • Senior Leadership Camp (Returning Cadets Only): August 11-16, 2017
  • Junior Leadership Camp (Returning Cadets Only): August 11-16, 2017
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RMA Band Camp

RMA Band Leadership Camp: TBD
RMA Band Camp (mandatory for Band Cadets): September 2017 (RMA Band)

Band cadets begin the school year with the annual RMA Band Camp consisting of two weekends full of rehearsals that culminate in a concert and marching performance. These two weekends are focused on intense marching rehearsals and music rehearsals with staff members dedicated to specific instrument groups. Band Camp staff includes professional musicians, music educators, and military musicians from all over Georgia. Please contact RMABand@riversidemilitary.com if you have any questions.

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